Hypnosis is a way of helping people focus, relax and open the mind and body to allow in new possibilities. People often come into treatment locked into a mind set that they cannot seem to get out of. This restricted state of consciousness doesn't allow new ways of seeing, feeling and interacting. It also blocks out old ways of being that were helpful and enjoyable but are no longer accessible. One sees this in anxiety states, depression, relationship problems and compulsive behavior. People routinely self medicate with drugs, alcohol, TV, work, etc. as an attempt at getting out of constricted, inflexible states of mind. Entering a hypnotic trance alters consciousness in a natural, healthy way and allows for other states of mind to emerge. It allows old memories and feelings to surface which can then be worked with therapeutically to resolve trauma and identify where and how dysfunctional beliefs began.

In hypnotherapy the unconscious mind is viewed not only as the repository of infantile wishes, sexual and aggressive energies, as Freud saw it, but also as the storehouse of creative capabilities, comforting memories and the doorway into altered states of mind.

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