Mind-Body Integrative Healings

Mind-body integrative healings are offered as a way to activate a healing process not as specific cures for specific conditions. They are not used as a substitute for standard psychiatric and psychological care, but rather as a compliment to them.

When in a healed state, the mind, body and immediate environment operate seamlessly with each other in a series of feedback loops. In many chronic anxiety states this mind body cooperation becomes disrupted. A relaxed mind may not be able to free up a chronically tense body, and a relaxed body may not be able to influence a chronically tense mind. They are not in cooperative communication with each other.

Without this communication and capacity to influence each other, the mind and body may continually send messages of danger and lack of well being back and forth in an unchecked way, resulting in an inability to self soothe or calm down. When locked in repetitive, restrictive patterns by this lack of integration, underlying emotions such as fear, sadness, guilt, shame and anger have a hard time resolving even after years of psychotherapy and medication.

Mind-body integrative healings rely on an a calm, attuned centered presence of the one who is doing the healing. The use of suggestions, attuned rhythm and focused attention helps create an inner and outer environment of safety and comfort. Often this process induces a non ordinary state of consciousness in the one receiving the healing. The mind begins to shift into a state where time loosens its hold, the mind becomes open and spacious, and a flow of thoughts, colors, images and understandings begin. At times this becomes a deep dreamless sleep like state. The body begins to loosen its chronic energy patterns, muscles and fascia relax and release and a state of deep well being ensues.

Clinical judgment is used in choosing this type of healing. The decision to work in this fashion is made mutually with lines of communication open for feedback to ensure feelings of safety and comfort.

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